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Chapter 3 Part 1

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This is the first part of the Chapter Three we pick up straight from the events of chapter one and continue the narrative of Umesh Kain

we will soon return with the second part of chapter three, stay tuned.


Project Code: Bestrashny
Chapter 3
The Chase

That was the day my life completely changed I remember is vaguely, the girl I can’t remember her name but I can never forget that moment when my life completely changed. She was there petrified with tears rolling from her eyes staring at me with absolute horror. I ran from there as fast as my leg could carry me I didn’t knew what to do and I just ran, I left the university in haste attracting many curious eyes for sure.

That was many years ago most of it I have forgotten but one thing the image of that girl, that memory has been seared into my soul. Maybe ‘cause I always liked her I imagine being with her many times in the normal days I tried to talk to her many times mostly just managed ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ I always though I’ll make a good impression somehow and win her over someday. But I managed something else entirely anyway it doesn’t matter now it was in the past and I have came a long way since that day in the university.

I always hated the university but that day I dreaded it I felt if I feared staying there for a second more when I left the university gate I was out of breath but I kept moving towards the metro station. When I entered it I quickly realized an error firstly I was in the worst shape possible and look quite suspicious and secondly metro station are guarded by the central industrial security force. I boarded the train but I left a huge trail behind me and I’ll be a convict soon.

When I reached home I quickly took a bath and went to sleep I didn’t say anything to anyone or talked to anyone. The police came sometime in the evening they bragged into the house asking for me yelling and swearing, I jumped out of the window before they entered my room and the running continued.
I didn’t know what to do or where to run to, murder is a serious crime and I didn’t wanted to go to jail. I hailed a taxi towards the railway station since the police came to my house looking for me there was a big possibility there would a eye out for me there to, so I asked to driver not to take me to the central station but to the district station.

District stations were on the same railways lines but served only EMU train and not a single express train stopped there. Nobody in the city used EMUs it was mostly used by the labour class that travelled from the surrounding areas to work in the city. In the taxi I was on the verge of tears I thought about going back afraid to run, afraid to go on like this I was a criminal it was just an accident which wasn’t even my fault.
Inside the EMU it was dirty, hot and smelly needless to say the railway neglected as best as they could. I never thought it would be as crowded as I found it to be and I stood throughout the entire journey to an unknown place.

When I arrived at the last station it was well past midnight and the station I arrived at was almost deserted and looked haunted I made my way to the sleepy town. I was my first time out of the city I didn’t knew what to do or where to go I walked around the town aimlessly, it was a ghost town not a single soul was insight only the sounds of cats accompanied me. With nothing in mind I returned to the station tired and scared and slept on the platform near other poor souls who had nowhere to go.

When I woke up the station was buzzing with people it was early morning natural I was hungry I hadn’t ate anything since yesterday more importantly I was getting the call of nature. The public restrooms of the stations were a nightmare somehow I managed in there which was the dirtiest place on earth. I had very few money left with me and the cheap breakfast I ate at a shabby stall made my stomach turn, later in life I would be in even worse situations but that was my first taste of the real world.

At the station I was just another bum and by afternoon I was broken down I couldn’t live like this I had to go home I didn’t deserve this it wasn’t even my fault what happened. I thought about going back I’ll face whatever happened maybe they’ll understand what happened jail won’t be that bad and perhaps dad will get me out, hire a good lawyer. I thought it was stupid of me to run in the first place I should have faced it. I should go back I’ll tell them I got scared that’s why I ran they’ll understand if I go on my own then they’ll believe me, hear my side of the story.

I decided to go back so I checked with the inquiry center about the next train there was one soon and I even had enough money to buy the ticket I didn’t wanted to travel in EMU again. I was at my platform pacing in anxiety when a man bumped into me he looked at me and said sorry and didn’t move more I could say anything I felt wobbly, he had stabbed me with a needle I saw him dispose it into him pocket and caught me as I was about to fall. He was making it look like as if he was helping me I remember him acting all concerned “you alright?”, “I’ll help you”, “Don’t worry I’ll take you to the doctor”.

I was helpless at that moment and nausea took over I was dragging me towards the exit, and then it happened again. I realized he wasn’t alone there were others with him waiting for us near the exit, they had an uncanny resemblance to the people from the parking lot. It was because of them I was in this mess, hate and anger took over and my heart suddenly raced up. In that instant I gained my balance and I stopped him on his track, grabbed him by his neck. He made some chocking noise before I threw him against a standing train, the whole coach shocked with the impact.

Commotion started building up as people started to take notice soon the railway police would be here, the others who were standing by the exit rushed over one of them took out a taser and shot me. It was excruciatingly painful my whole body revolted I fell to the ground it would have all been over then had I wasn’t in that berserk frenzy I managed to slap the darts off my chest. While I was still on the floor they came upon me with more tasers but I got the better of them the surrounding proved to be my ally pushed the first one onto a nearby trolley and backing off I braced myself against the sides. I was too quick and strong at that time I didn’t know how but it was clear I could surpass them physical in anyway. Like a bear I charged at them went straight for the neck of the first person in my view, they were trained, well trained. He catch my hand midway and swinger me in a half circle and with a thud I tasted the platform floor, without wasting a second they were upon me pounding me with fists and kicks. But I wasn’t going to go down that easily I caught hold of the first leg I could and squeezed it in my fist, the sound of his shin breaking was melodic followed by his scream. He was lying on the floor screaming while holding his leg yet at least he was better of then the second guy picking myself up a punched the next guy right across his face, with a cracking sound he fell away spraying his teeth and blood on the floor.

At that moment I got the upper hand again and in the frenzy was punching away there were only two of them left standing they were now in a defensive position trying to dodge me as I kept punching madly. Before I could accomplice anything more and believe me at that moment I was ready to kill them, I felt a sharp stab in my back I turned around and saw railway police running towards me along with them were some men holding pistols. One of them fired at me the gun had a muted sound then another one fired and another the same sharp stab I felt on my chest as well and gazed at my chest and saw that they were darts and more of them followed.

I was clear to me at that moment that I was done for if I stay, I panicked and made by way across towards the exit pushing others out of my way. More stabs on my back and in front of the exit railway police was blocking my way people were screaming as I made my way through them, my mind was swimming and my legs were wobbling all my strength was on to hold my balance.

As I made my way towards the exit I push somebody towards the police blocking the way and with all might struck them with my shoulder and they broke away like matches as I made my way back to the town.

Darts were sticking out of me all over but I could stop to remove them they were still after me.

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Bestrashny The History (Part 2)

This is the second and final part of the history chapter it expands the history further.

In the next post will the next chapter which will continue the story from where it was left in the first


Project Code: Bestrashney
The History (Part 2)

While all projects were unsuccessful and nearly all were abandoned Project Code: Bestrashny was never discarded, it reinvented over and over again in hopes of getting it right. First stage was the biggest failure among the four and the second stage was also an utter failure, second stage was heavily invested during the cold war.

During the cold war a base was set up in somewhere in Sakha nicknamed ‘Blood Hell’ Soviets at that time were experimenting on human blood thus the nick name. They learnt from their initial World War 2 project and took improvised it even taking some of the Japanese Mirakuru elements into their research.

Most of the Data on Mirakuru was destroyed after the Japanese surrender but not all could be destroyed some of the researchers and scientists fled to China after the Japanese surrender, where the Soviets hired them for their Second stage of Project Bestrashny. Research exhausted a lot of resources with minimal of results it could have been abandoned but the Russian were stubborn and ready to bankrupt the nation in pursuit of this monstrous project which took life of many people. The number of people who were sacrificed for this goal is unaccounted Soviets went through a lot of pain to keep this under wraps. Many of the chemical engineers and bioengineers worked tirelessly for years to generate human immunity to biological warfare and achieving peak fitness of human body.

During this time a small group of Russian and Japanese scientist under the Project made a breakthrough while experimenting with different chemical effects in human blood, they toyed with every possible type of experiments. They conducted many failed experiments some even tired to introduced different animal qualities into human blood, but by luck some of them stumbled upon an experiment with certain chemical processes with human blood. During one such experiment they discovered a chemical process which simulated in the human produce an enzyme, named Chuda. The Chuda enzyme did not developed in every test subject but in those it did, produced marvelous effects this enzyme could only be produced in the blood of a living human body and accelerated the healing of the body tissues.

However this enzyme was hard to produce and the process had disastrous result many times the process produced an acid within the human blood instead of the enzyme even when it did produced the enzyme it was in very little in quantity that it had a small effect in the human body. In either of the cases it was an extremely painful for the test subject and many didn’t survive the process while those who did were driven insane by it. Since this process can only take place in the human body one solution came to one of the scientists to extract the enzyme as it produced in the body by collecting from multiple subjects could be injected into a single subject to produced desired results. But the enzyme was immediately absorbed by the tissues that nearly impossible.

Many years of experiments did not held much result even a cross border facility was set up somewhere in South Asia nick named ‘Blood Haven’ to cater to large scale experimenting.

While second stage did produced something promising it was also a failure, after the cold war the projected evolved into its stage three. In the Post-Soviet Russia Project Code: Bestrashny was short leashed and budget tightened it could have been abandoned but the previous stage did give some promise so the project wasn’t completely sacked. In the post cold war stage three some American scientist were hired and in the late 90s one such American scientist made the second breakthrough he successfully created half of the chemical process outside the human body by simulating most of the human conditions in the lab owing to modern technology. This made it possible to extract the impurities from the formula that lead to the failure of previous stage, this dramatically increased the production of the enzyme he nick named this formula ‘Boom Tube’.

Boom Tube produced the best results in the history of the project but is still far from prefect the production of the enzyme within the body still cause high level of pain and can damage the human body far enough to kill it.

It’s still unclear on the current status of the Project Code: Bestrashny but it’s hard to imagine that in the 21st century environment and continues technological advancement that it had been entirely abandoned.

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Bestrashny The History (Part 1)

This is the first part of the background and history into the Project Code: Bestrashny

Part 2 will be posted soon and later we continue from where we left off.


Project Code: Besstrashnyy
The History

During the World War 2 every powerful nation had a superhuman program and needless to say it was kept secret while there has been many theories about it secrecy was always maintained. The secrecy is not maintained cause of the information’s sensitivity but because all the superhuman programs had been an utter failure. If any of them worked then no nation would have missed the chance to brag about it to intimidate others.

United States had Manhattan Project, Germany had Übermensch, Japan had Mirakuru and Russia had Project Bestrashny. From all of them Bestrashny was the more remarkable as the Russian didn’t give up for a long time even after the World War 2 and the Cold War. Their stubbornness leaped across century and border.

Needless to say Germans were the first to begin the superhuman program it started as simple human experiments on the prisoners at concentration camps.  It all begin with Luftwaffe freezing experiments to test the limits of the human body to with stand cold many subjects were left in the ice water or freezing air to check the test body’s resistance  to cold. Which later evolved into a experiments to discover means of preventing and treating hypothermia  and later other experiments began throughout Nazi occupied Europe. The true beginning of the superhuman experiments were at Ravensbrück where the thousands of women were experimented on transplantation in means to force regeneration in the tissues, bones and nerves.

German’s idea was to create a forced rapid evolution of the human subjects to turn them into super soldiers the prisoners were test object to perfect the program till it can be implemented on German soldiers.
The forced regeneration experiments were a failure but the held enough promising results for the Nazis to probe further thus began the horrors of Neue Bremm and Saarbrücken became forever tinted with the blood of innocents. Unspeakable horrors were dealt on the prisoners millions were slayed in Nazi’s quest for power, the experiments achieved nothing but a massacre.
The horrors stopped with the end of Nazi Germany and the experiments stopped but other countries were also conducting their experiments.

Manhattan project firstly started as a superhuman project unlike others Americans were working with genetics and modification of the gene through forced mutation. Radioactive elements were used to conduct experiments to mutate the genes of the test subjects to achieve a genetic markup to achieve peak human endurance and disease resistance.
American also failed in their pursuance of superhuman power and mutagens that resulted from the experiments were weak and sick humans with internal organ problems, most of them developed cancer of multiple kinds with whole body deterioration.

During World War 2 most of the experiments were done on the Japanese people, many of the born Americans, at the Internment camps authorized President Franklin D. Roosevelt with Executive Order 9066. Americans continued their program even after the end of the war many experiments were done on a large scale with Project 4.1 being the most infamous, the large population of Marshall Islands were exposed to the radiation of Castle Bravo test.
After decades of failure the program was shut down and focused was shifted to powered armor exoskeleton development.

Japanese were the one who came closest to developing the super human formula during World War 2 Japanese experimented based at Unit 731 at Pingfang district of Harbin. The experiments there were not aimed to develop super human formula however most notorious experiments were conducted there under a special project code-named Maruta the true purpose is still unknown. Many prisoners of war were experimented on under the project, thousands of subjects were vivisected alive without anesthesia their organs were removed and reattached for the purpose unknown. Disease experimentation were also conducted prisoners were deliberately infected with diseases then studied to developed vaccines during these experiments many drugs were tried and their effects observed, from these experiments many of the chemical effects on the human body revealed an extraordinary discovery certain chemical created to a process inside the body which had certain effects such as abnormal growth in the organs and muscles thus born project mirakuru a project solely focused on development of super human formula completely separated from unit 731.

Mirakuru experiments focused on the drug enhancements many cocktail drugs were developed it is said that the Yamakaze pilots were given some sort of inferior methamphetamine to make them the fearless and suicidal. Many other drugs were developed which enhanced human endurance to withstand climatic extremes of different terrine and g-forces of high altitude flight, the biggest achievement was the drugs that helped Japanese pilots and soldiers to work without rest for long hours.

They were in purpose of developing drugs to enhance human strength but before it can be completed Japanese surrendered after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the last of the incomplete formula lost on a nuclear submarine somewhere in the South China Sea.

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Bestrashny (бесстрашный)

It is a Russian word meaning fearless

Bestrashny The Beginning

This is the every first chapter of the story Project Code: Bestrashny

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Project Code: Besstrashnyy

My name is Umesh Kain and this is my journal I have done extraordinary things in my life, things I thought I would never do. This journal is my story and my confession, I would not try to hide my guilt for certain actions that I took in course of my life but I also feel pride in certain actions. No man is without a flaw and if I to be called a human I will let you decide.
By the time this memoir would have reached the hands to the masses I would have been long gone my name unheard and unspoken will vanish, I admit my first motivation to write this memoir (or confession if you like to call it that) is the desire or even a need to be remembered.
My life had been that of a simple person born in a middle-class household all my life I had been an average human being but I knew that someday I would someone, something very important.

Without boring you with my uneventful previous life I would skip to the day I was reborn the day that changed my life, it was a bright sunny day those rare warm days of winter that everyone in the city cherished same as a rainy day was cherished in the summers. I was at the university and after class me and my buds decided to go out to the stadium to have a small match of soccer. That day it was almost like as if the university itself was trying to prevent me from indulge in that sport that I so loved to play, if only I had listen to the omens then you wouldn’t have had this memoir in your hands.

We were playing under the clear sky on the ground which could have been better kept and never would have thought that I would stumble to an embarrassing fall and break my knee. It was the most unimportant thing in the world at that moment for the rest of the world to me it was the most embarrassing. I always thought of myself strong and that was a blow to my pride it wasn’t much serious but I couldn’t continue playing while my buds continued with the sport I call my family to pick me up. And unfortunately they took me to a small clinic nearby the doctor said it was a simply a small hairline fracture and my leg needed to be plastered and that wasn’t much of a deal but I had to be given a shot of anesthesia, I didn’t knew why the doctor insisted that I take it even thou I said I can handle it.

Later my leg hurt so much and wondered why was I given the anesthesia if it wouldn’t work it was like it was on fire and the pain streamed through my whole body like liquid pain. I wouldn’t sleep at all but somehow that dropped unconscious maybe the exhausted from the pain. Turns out the injection actually had anesthesia and without it I would have died or gone crazy with pain, the next day the pain was gone and my leg seemed all healed up maybe it was I won’t know since my leg was in a plaster. I spent a whole week bedridden boy I hated that I am not the kind of a person to stay one place.

When I visited the doctor the week later for a follow-up he examined my leg and concluded that I no longer need the plaster and bandaged my leg up instead and don’t know why I told me I felt great like I had a new leg. I told me to come back every week without miss for a few months. Soon I began to attend my classes again but I had a feeling I had been followed and continuously watched and I brushed it out as mere illusions you would have done the same if you were me.

It wasn’t till a few weeks that I started to notice certain changes I felt more hunger, more aggressive, more horny. There were certain girls that I liked and I guess some of them also liked me because they had always teased me, flirted with me. Now when I looked at them I felt intense urges at mere moments, how they looked walking, shaking moving in lustrously, how they felt when they brushed pass me. Their smell drove me crazy like there was an animal inside me ready to rip apart anything and anyone. It drove me mad and not only that even little quarrelsome instances would drove me to rage I started to change I got into more fights and defeated everyone with ease not like it was difficult earlier but it seemed too easy now I started to strike fear into people and my reputation suffered the girls started to distance them from me now I was like a mad wolf ready to attack anyone without provocation.

I had every reason to be detached from the world in which I never found a place, I had so much building inside me that I became blind to the obvious destruction I caused it was a miracle that no one died after I was through with them.
I needed know what was happening to me and needless to say it was hurting me inside.

The day I started to understand what was happening to me was the day I begin my journey of departed from the society. I was still winter and the sky cloudy with the promise of rain the chill was in the air many of the people were shivering with the sudden usurped of cold which had begin retreat.
There was a girl in my college a pretty little lass with wavy hair and perky blossom she was a sweetheart of every guy’s dream and boy did she turn me on she hated me even despised me mostly cause I broke her boyfriend’s nose in my mad fury just for the fact he was dating her.

That day she was in the simplest of all outfits it was very unlike her who liked to be flashy and center of attention, I was there sitting alone in the cafeteria while she was outside talking to her group of friends, her asshole of a boyfriend was with her too still bandaged on the nose that put a smile on my face. I was staring at her fantasying about her when I noticed the same group of people I had seen many times before in and around the campus, they were not students that was for sure they were too old to be that. I tried to confront them before but they were always able to disappear before I can get to them, this time I was determined to break their arms in multiple points for bugging me all month.

I hurried outside before they could make their disappearance act just as I exited the cafeteria it seemed like the whole world slowed down, I saw those guys in front of me just a few yards away. At that time I thought they were trying to run away again and at that time I didn’t realized that it was actually an ambush, they rushed towards the parking lot with me behind them the parking lot was mostly deserted as I was hurrying after them someone electrocuted me from behind. It hurt but it got me even more mad but as I turned around people swamped over with electrocuting me with their devices which I could make out, I couldn’t scream and when they stopped I wasn’t able to move.

They dragged me to their car it was dark there and they stopped in their tracks when I looked up I saw a small scared boy with a bandaged nose in front of me in her arms was a girl, they were scared, very scared, the men’s who were abducting me pulled out guns to them. The guns had silencer on them they would me killed for what they just saw that was for sure, I don’t know from where it came maybe at the sight of the girl shivering there in the arms of the nose broken guy with fear and cold with the guns pointed at her, from wherever a strength came to me and I pulled the first guy I could lay hands on he fell on the ground to make the rest of his party confused. They were all five of them and it all happened in a moment’s time, they turned their attention back at me as I punched and kicked them around. There were shots that were fired I even remember some screams. Those guys were tough, the one who fell first immediately got up and fired I got out of the way in time I grabbed his wrist in time and threw him into the car nearby he met the impact directly with his head the rest of the four were more unlucky then him. Every punch and kick I delivered on them result is a cracking sound with the immense force that was delivered to their bodies in a wild raged fury. I still remember how uncontrolled and unfocused I was some of my kicks and punches landed on the car or the concrete.

I was when all five of them were on the floor and not moving at all I came back to my senses the first thing is saw was the girl she was on the floor with a horrified expression on her face, her guy was with her with his arms around her he was on the verge of tears while his girlfriend was sobbing mutedly. Both were scared out of their wits I was confused at their expression and then I looked at myself I was shot multiple times and bleeding from the bullet holes. Then came the pain and I looked around and saw what had I done all five of the men lay dead with the bodies horribly mangled, my first kill lay besides a car with half of his face smashed in, others were in worse shape limbs bent in all wrong sides bodies twisted with mangled metal of car smashed with shattered glass everywhere, The car itself was skidded and collided with the car on the other side, smashed concrete lay everywhere broken from the walls which stood cracked, the whole sight was that of as if it has been hit by a hurricane.

I just asked myself what have I done and how have I done it? And most importantly what have I become?

Project Code: Bestrashny

The story of Umesh Kain told through his own words. The extraordinary story of how he gained certain superhuman abilities and the actions he took with his new found power.

Make no mistake he is no hero nor is he a villain, he is something else.