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Chapter 3 Part 1

OK! so here we are after a break

This is the first part of the Chapter Three we pick up straight from the events of chapter one and continue the narrative of Umesh Kain

we will soon return with the second part of chapter three, stay tuned.


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Chapter 3
The Chase

That was the day my life completely changed I remember is vaguely, the girl I can’t remember her name but I can never forget that moment when my life completely changed. She was there petrified with tears rolling from her eyes staring at me with absolute horror. I ran from there as fast as my leg could carry me I didn’t knew what to do and I just ran, I left the university in haste attracting many curious eyes for sure.

That was many years ago most of it I have forgotten but one thing the image of that girl, that memory has been seared into my soul. Maybe ‘cause I always liked her I imagine being with her many times in the normal days I tried to talk to her many times mostly just managed ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ I always though I’ll make a good impression somehow and win her over someday. But I managed something else entirely anyway it doesn’t matter now it was in the past and I have came a long way since that day in the university.

I always hated the university but that day I dreaded it I felt if I feared staying there for a second more when I left the university gate I was out of breath but I kept moving towards the metro station. When I entered it I quickly realized an error firstly I was in the worst shape possible and look quite suspicious and secondly metro station are guarded by the central industrial security force. I boarded the train but I left a huge trail behind me and I’ll be a convict soon.

When I reached home I quickly took a bath and went to sleep I didn’t say anything to anyone or talked to anyone. The police came sometime in the evening they bragged into the house asking for me yelling and swearing, I jumped out of the window before they entered my room and the running continued.
I didn’t know what to do or where to run to, murder is a serious crime and I didn’t wanted to go to jail. I hailed a taxi towards the railway station since the police came to my house looking for me there was a big possibility there would a eye out for me there to, so I asked to driver not to take me to the central station but to the district station.

District stations were on the same railways lines but served only EMU train and not a single express train stopped there. Nobody in the city used EMUs it was mostly used by the labour class that travelled from the surrounding areas to work in the city. In the taxi I was on the verge of tears I thought about going back afraid to run, afraid to go on like this I was a criminal it was just an accident which wasn’t even my fault.
Inside the EMU it was dirty, hot and smelly needless to say the railway neglected as best as they could. I never thought it would be as crowded as I found it to be and I stood throughout the entire journey to an unknown place.

When I arrived at the last station it was well past midnight and the station I arrived at was almost deserted and looked haunted I made my way to the sleepy town. I was my first time out of the city I didn’t knew what to do or where to go I walked around the town aimlessly, it was a ghost town not a single soul was insight only the sounds of cats accompanied me. With nothing in mind I returned to the station tired and scared and slept on the platform near other poor souls who had nowhere to go.

When I woke up the station was buzzing with people it was early morning natural I was hungry I hadn’t ate anything since yesterday more importantly I was getting the call of nature. The public restrooms of the stations were a nightmare somehow I managed in there which was the dirtiest place on earth. I had very few money left with me and the cheap breakfast I ate at a shabby stall made my stomach turn, later in life I would be in even worse situations but that was my first taste of the real world.

At the station I was just another bum and by afternoon I was broken down I couldn’t live like this I had to go home I didn’t deserve this it wasn’t even my fault what happened. I thought about going back I’ll face whatever happened maybe they’ll understand what happened jail won’t be that bad and perhaps dad will get me out, hire a good lawyer. I thought it was stupid of me to run in the first place I should have faced it. I should go back I’ll tell them I got scared that’s why I ran they’ll understand if I go on my own then they’ll believe me, hear my side of the story.

I decided to go back so I checked with the inquiry center about the next train there was one soon and I even had enough money to buy the ticket I didn’t wanted to travel in EMU again. I was at my platform pacing in anxiety when a man bumped into me he looked at me and said sorry and didn’t move more I could say anything I felt wobbly, he had stabbed me with a needle I saw him dispose it into him pocket and caught me as I was about to fall. He was making it look like as if he was helping me I remember him acting all concerned “you alright?”, “I’ll help you”, “Don’t worry I’ll take you to the doctor”.

I was helpless at that moment and nausea took over I was dragging me towards the exit, and then it happened again. I realized he wasn’t alone there were others with him waiting for us near the exit, they had an uncanny resemblance to the people from the parking lot. It was because of them I was in this mess, hate and anger took over and my heart suddenly raced up. In that instant I gained my balance and I stopped him on his track, grabbed him by his neck. He made some chocking noise before I threw him against a standing train, the whole coach shocked with the impact.

Commotion started building up as people started to take notice soon the railway police would be here, the others who were standing by the exit rushed over one of them took out a taser and shot me. It was excruciatingly painful my whole body revolted I fell to the ground it would have all been over then had I wasn’t in that berserk frenzy I managed to slap the darts off my chest. While I was still on the floor they came upon me with more tasers but I got the better of them the surrounding proved to be my ally pushed the first one onto a nearby trolley and backing off I braced myself against the sides. I was too quick and strong at that time I didn’t know how but it was clear I could surpass them physical in anyway. Like a bear I charged at them went straight for the neck of the first person in my view, they were trained, well trained. He catch my hand midway and swinger me in a half circle and with a thud I tasted the platform floor, without wasting a second they were upon me pounding me with fists and kicks. But I wasn’t going to go down that easily I caught hold of the first leg I could and squeezed it in my fist, the sound of his shin breaking was melodic followed by his scream. He was lying on the floor screaming while holding his leg yet at least he was better of then the second guy picking myself up a punched the next guy right across his face, with a cracking sound he fell away spraying his teeth and blood on the floor.

At that moment I got the upper hand again and in the frenzy was punching away there were only two of them left standing they were now in a defensive position trying to dodge me as I kept punching madly. Before I could accomplice anything more and believe me at that moment I was ready to kill them, I felt a sharp stab in my back I turned around and saw railway police running towards me along with them were some men holding pistols. One of them fired at me the gun had a muted sound then another one fired and another the same sharp stab I felt on my chest as well and gazed at my chest and saw that they were darts and more of them followed.

I was clear to me at that moment that I was done for if I stay, I panicked and made by way across towards the exit pushing others out of my way. More stabs on my back and in front of the exit railway police was blocking my way people were screaming as I made my way through them, my mind was swimming and my legs were wobbling all my strength was on to hold my balance.

As I made my way towards the exit I push somebody towards the police blocking the way and with all might struck them with my shoulder and they broke away like matches as I made my way back to the town.

Darts were sticking out of me all over but I could stop to remove them they were still after me.

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