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Bestrashny The History (Part 2)

This is the second and final part of the history chapter it expands the history further.

In the next post will the next chapter which will continue the story from where it was left in the first


Project Code: Bestrashney
The History (Part 2)

While all projects were unsuccessful and nearly all were abandoned Project Code: Bestrashny was never discarded, it reinvented over and over again in hopes of getting it right. First stage was the biggest failure among the four and the second stage was also an utter failure, second stage was heavily invested during the cold war.

During the cold war a base was set up in somewhere in Sakha nicknamed ‘Blood Hell’ Soviets at that time were experimenting on human blood thus the nick name. They learnt from their initial World War 2 project and took improvised it even taking some of the Japanese Mirakuru elements into their research.

Most of the Data on Mirakuru was destroyed after the Japanese surrender but not all could be destroyed some of the researchers and scientists fled to China after the Japanese surrender, where the Soviets hired them for their Second stage of Project Bestrashny. Research exhausted a lot of resources with minimal of results it could have been abandoned but the Russian were stubborn and ready to bankrupt the nation in pursuit of this monstrous project which took life of many people. The number of people who were sacrificed for this goal is unaccounted Soviets went through a lot of pain to keep this under wraps. Many of the chemical engineers and bioengineers worked tirelessly for years to generate human immunity to biological warfare and achieving peak fitness of human body.

During this time a small group of Russian and Japanese scientist under the Project made a breakthrough while experimenting with different chemical effects in human blood, they toyed with every possible type of experiments. They conducted many failed experiments some even tired to introduced different animal qualities into human blood, but by luck some of them stumbled upon an experiment with certain chemical processes with human blood. During one such experiment they discovered a chemical process which simulated in the human produce an enzyme, named Chuda. The Chuda enzyme did not developed in every test subject but in those it did, produced marvelous effects this enzyme could only be produced in the blood of a living human body and accelerated the healing of the body tissues.

However this enzyme was hard to produce and the process had disastrous result many times the process produced an acid within the human blood instead of the enzyme even when it did produced the enzyme it was in very little in quantity that it had a small effect in the human body. In either of the cases it was an extremely painful for the test subject and many didn’t survive the process while those who did were driven insane by it. Since this process can only take place in the human body one solution came to one of the scientists to extract the enzyme as it produced in the body by collecting from multiple subjects could be injected into a single subject to produced desired results. But the enzyme was immediately absorbed by the tissues that nearly impossible.

Many years of experiments did not held much result even a cross border facility was set up somewhere in South Asia nick named ‘Blood Haven’ to cater to large scale experimenting.

While second stage did produced something promising it was also a failure, after the cold war the projected evolved into its stage three. In the Post-Soviet Russia Project Code: Bestrashny was short leashed and budget tightened it could have been abandoned but the previous stage did give some promise so the project wasn’t completely sacked. In the post cold war stage three some American scientist were hired and in the late 90s one such American scientist made the second breakthrough he successfully created half of the chemical process outside the human body by simulating most of the human conditions in the lab owing to modern technology. This made it possible to extract the impurities from the formula that lead to the failure of previous stage, this dramatically increased the production of the enzyme he nick named this formula ‘Boom Tube’.

Boom Tube produced the best results in the history of the project but is still far from prefect the production of the enzyme within the body still cause high level of pain and can damage the human body far enough to kill it.

It’s still unclear on the current status of the Project Code: Bestrashny but it’s hard to imagine that in the 21st century environment and continues technological advancement that it had been entirely abandoned.

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