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Bestrashny The History (Part 1)

This is the first part of the background and history into the Project Code: Bestrashny

Part 2 will be posted soon and later we continue from where we left off.


Project Code: Besstrashnyy
The History

During the World War 2 every powerful nation had a superhuman program and needless to say it was kept secret while there has been many theories about it secrecy was always maintained. The secrecy is not maintained cause of the information’s sensitivity but because all the superhuman programs had been an utter failure. If any of them worked then no nation would have missed the chance to brag about it to intimidate others.

United States had Manhattan Project, Germany had Übermensch, Japan had Mirakuru and Russia had Project Bestrashny. From all of them Bestrashny was the more remarkable as the Russian didn’t give up for a long time even after the World War 2 and the Cold War. Their stubbornness leaped across century and border.

Needless to say Germans were the first to begin the superhuman program it started as simple human experiments on the prisoners at concentration camps.  It all begin with Luftwaffe freezing experiments to test the limits of the human body to with stand cold many subjects were left in the ice water or freezing air to check the test body’s resistance  to cold. Which later evolved into a experiments to discover means of preventing and treating hypothermia  and later other experiments began throughout Nazi occupied Europe. The true beginning of the superhuman experiments were at Ravensbrück where the thousands of women were experimented on transplantation in means to force regeneration in the tissues, bones and nerves.

German’s idea was to create a forced rapid evolution of the human subjects to turn them into super soldiers the prisoners were test object to perfect the program till it can be implemented on German soldiers.
The forced regeneration experiments were a failure but the held enough promising results for the Nazis to probe further thus began the horrors of Neue Bremm and Saarbrücken became forever tinted with the blood of innocents. Unspeakable horrors were dealt on the prisoners millions were slayed in Nazi’s quest for power, the experiments achieved nothing but a massacre.
The horrors stopped with the end of Nazi Germany and the experiments stopped but other countries were also conducting their experiments.

Manhattan project firstly started as a superhuman project unlike others Americans were working with genetics and modification of the gene through forced mutation. Radioactive elements were used to conduct experiments to mutate the genes of the test subjects to achieve a genetic markup to achieve peak human endurance and disease resistance.
American also failed in their pursuance of superhuman power and mutagens that resulted from the experiments were weak and sick humans with internal organ problems, most of them developed cancer of multiple kinds with whole body deterioration.

During World War 2 most of the experiments were done on the Japanese people, many of the born Americans, at the Internment camps authorized President Franklin D. Roosevelt with Executive Order 9066. Americans continued their program even after the end of the war many experiments were done on a large scale with Project 4.1 being the most infamous, the large population of Marshall Islands were exposed to the radiation of Castle Bravo test.
After decades of failure the program was shut down and focused was shifted to powered armor exoskeleton development.

Japanese were the one who came closest to developing the super human formula during World War 2 Japanese experimented based at Unit 731 at Pingfang district of Harbin. The experiments there were not aimed to develop super human formula however most notorious experiments were conducted there under a special project code-named Maruta the true purpose is still unknown. Many prisoners of war were experimented on under the project, thousands of subjects were vivisected alive without anesthesia their organs were removed and reattached for the purpose unknown. Disease experimentation were also conducted prisoners were deliberately infected with diseases then studied to developed vaccines during these experiments many drugs were tried and their effects observed, from these experiments many of the chemical effects on the human body revealed an extraordinary discovery certain chemical created to a process inside the body which had certain effects such as abnormal growth in the organs and muscles thus born project mirakuru a project solely focused on development of super human formula completely separated from unit 731.

Mirakuru experiments focused on the drug enhancements many cocktail drugs were developed it is said that the Yamakaze pilots were given some sort of inferior methamphetamine to make them the fearless and suicidal. Many other drugs were developed which enhanced human endurance to withstand climatic extremes of different terrine and g-forces of high altitude flight, the biggest achievement was the drugs that helped Japanese pilots and soldiers to work without rest for long hours.

They were in purpose of developing drugs to enhance human strength but before it can be completed Japanese surrendered after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the last of the incomplete formula lost on a nuclear submarine somewhere in the South China Sea.

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