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Bestrashny The Beginning

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My name is Umesh Kain and this is my journal I have done extraordinary things in my life, things I thought I would never do. This journal is my story and my confession, I would not try to hide my guilt for certain actions that I took in course of my life but I also feel pride in certain actions. No man is without a flaw and if I to be called a human I will let you decide.
By the time this memoir would have reached the hands to the masses I would have been long gone my name unheard and unspoken will vanish, I admit my first motivation to write this memoir (or confession if you like to call it that) is the desire or even a need to be remembered.
My life had been that of a simple person born in a middle-class household all my life I had been an average human being but I knew that someday I would someone, something very important.

Without boring you with my uneventful previous life I would skip to the day I was reborn the day that changed my life, it was a bright sunny day those rare warm days of winter that everyone in the city cherished same as a rainy day was cherished in the summers. I was at the university and after class me and my buds decided to go out to the stadium to have a small match of soccer. That day it was almost like as if the university itself was trying to prevent me from indulge in that sport that I so loved to play, if only I had listen to the omens then you wouldn’t have had this memoir in your hands.

We were playing under the clear sky on the ground which could have been better kept and never would have thought that I would stumble to an embarrassing fall and break my knee. It was the most unimportant thing in the world at that moment for the rest of the world to me it was the most embarrassing. I always thought of myself strong and that was a blow to my pride it wasn’t much serious but I couldn’t continue playing while my buds continued with the sport I call my family to pick me up. And unfortunately they took me to a small clinic nearby the doctor said it was a simply a small hairline fracture and my leg needed to be plastered and that wasn’t much of a deal but I had to be given a shot of anesthesia, I didn’t knew why the doctor insisted that I take it even thou I said I can handle it.

Later my leg hurt so much and wondered why was I given the anesthesia if it wouldn’t work it was like it was on fire and the pain streamed through my whole body like liquid pain. I wouldn’t sleep at all but somehow that dropped unconscious maybe the exhausted from the pain. Turns out the injection actually had anesthesia and without it I would have died or gone crazy with pain, the next day the pain was gone and my leg seemed all healed up maybe it was I won’t know since my leg was in a plaster. I spent a whole week bedridden boy I hated that I am not the kind of a person to stay one place.

When I visited the doctor the week later for a follow-up he examined my leg and concluded that I no longer need the plaster and bandaged my leg up instead and don’t know why I told me I felt great like I had a new leg. I told me to come back every week without miss for a few months. Soon I began to attend my classes again but I had a feeling I had been followed and continuously watched and I brushed it out as mere illusions you would have done the same if you were me.

It wasn’t till a few weeks that I started to notice certain changes I felt more hunger, more aggressive, more horny. There were certain girls that I liked and I guess some of them also liked me because they had always teased me, flirted with me. Now when I looked at them I felt intense urges at mere moments, how they looked walking, shaking moving in lustrously, how they felt when they brushed pass me. Their smell drove me crazy like there was an animal inside me ready to rip apart anything and anyone. It drove me mad and not only that even little quarrelsome instances would drove me to rage I started to change I got into more fights and defeated everyone with ease not like it was difficult earlier but it seemed too easy now I started to strike fear into people and my reputation suffered the girls started to distance them from me now I was like a mad wolf ready to attack anyone without provocation.

I had every reason to be detached from the world in which I never found a place, I had so much building inside me that I became blind to the obvious destruction I caused it was a miracle that no one died after I was through with them.
I needed know what was happening to me and needless to say it was hurting me inside.

The day I started to understand what was happening to me was the day I begin my journey of departed from the society. I was still winter and the sky cloudy with the promise of rain the chill was in the air many of the people were shivering with the sudden usurped of cold which had begin retreat.
There was a girl in my college a pretty little lass with wavy hair and perky blossom she was a sweetheart of every guy’s dream and boy did she turn me on she hated me even despised me mostly cause I broke her boyfriend’s nose in my mad fury just for the fact he was dating her.

That day she was in the simplest of all outfits it was very unlike her who liked to be flashy and center of attention, I was there sitting alone in the cafeteria while she was outside talking to her group of friends, her asshole of a boyfriend was with her too still bandaged on the nose that put a smile on my face. I was staring at her fantasying about her when I noticed the same group of people I had seen many times before in and around the campus, they were not students that was for sure they were too old to be that. I tried to confront them before but they were always able to disappear before I can get to them, this time I was determined to break their arms in multiple points for bugging me all month.

I hurried outside before they could make their disappearance act just as I exited the cafeteria it seemed like the whole world slowed down, I saw those guys in front of me just a few yards away. At that time I thought they were trying to run away again and at that time I didn’t realized that it was actually an ambush, they rushed towards the parking lot with me behind them the parking lot was mostly deserted as I was hurrying after them someone electrocuted me from behind. It hurt but it got me even more mad but as I turned around people swamped over with electrocuting me with their devices which I could make out, I couldn’t scream and when they stopped I wasn’t able to move.

They dragged me to their car it was dark there and they stopped in their tracks when I looked up I saw a small scared boy with a bandaged nose in front of me in her arms was a girl, they were scared, very scared, the men’s who were abducting me pulled out guns to them. The guns had silencer on them they would me killed for what they just saw that was for sure, I don’t know from where it came maybe at the sight of the girl shivering there in the arms of the nose broken guy with fear and cold with the guns pointed at her, from wherever a strength came to me and I pulled the first guy I could lay hands on he fell on the ground to make the rest of his party confused. They were all five of them and it all happened in a moment’s time, they turned their attention back at me as I punched and kicked them around. There were shots that were fired I even remember some screams. Those guys were tough, the one who fell first immediately got up and fired I got out of the way in time I grabbed his wrist in time and threw him into the car nearby he met the impact directly with his head the rest of the four were more unlucky then him. Every punch and kick I delivered on them result is a cracking sound with the immense force that was delivered to their bodies in a wild raged fury. I still remember how uncontrolled and unfocused I was some of my kicks and punches landed on the car or the concrete.

I was when all five of them were on the floor and not moving at all I came back to my senses the first thing is saw was the girl she was on the floor with a horrified expression on her face, her guy was with her with his arms around her he was on the verge of tears while his girlfriend was sobbing mutedly. Both were scared out of their wits I was confused at their expression and then I looked at myself I was shot multiple times and bleeding from the bullet holes. Then came the pain and I looked around and saw what had I done all five of the men lay dead with the bodies horribly mangled, my first kill lay besides a car with half of his face smashed in, others were in worse shape limbs bent in all wrong sides bodies twisted with mangled metal of car smashed with shattered glass everywhere, The car itself was skidded and collided with the car on the other side, smashed concrete lay everywhere broken from the walls which stood cracked, the whole sight was that of as if it has been hit by a hurricane.

I just asked myself what have I done and how have I done it? And most importantly what have I become?

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